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Amerlingstrasse, named in 1887 after the painter Friedrich von Amerling (1803–1887). He was the most popular portraitist of the high nobility and the upper bourgeoisie in the Viennese Biedermeier period. His works are characterized by elegant drawings, exotic arrangements and magnificent colors. In 1858 he acquired Gumpendorf Castle (Mollardgasse / Wallgasse) and furnished it with valuable art treasures. The building, which no longer exists, was therefore popularly known as Amerlingschlössl. The artist’s birthplace, called Amerlinghaus, in the former suburb of Spittelberg (7th district) has been a culture and communication center since 1978 and is also home to the Neubau district museum. The Palais Kaunitz (since 1814 Esterházy) was located at No. 6 on Amerlingstraße since 1754 and was demolished in 1970 (the Esterházy Park behind it still exists). The street was also called Amerlinggasse for a time.

This one was a homerun, as it is close to where I live. I went there on April 28th 2023 and I took a parcel to the postal office on my way. After photographing I treated myself with ice cream by Veganista. I love to explore streets that I know well, there is always something new to find. Friends of mine used to live in this street and I happened to be in their flat often.