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Ambrosigasse (Essling), named in 1984 after the sculptor and poet Gustinus Ambrosi (1893–1975); He was a successful portraitist and stylistically indebted to Rodin, pursuing monumental-classical ideals that sometimes appear pathetically exaggerated. His sculptural work includes around 2,300 works, of which around 650 are portraits. Due to its proximity to both Austrofascism and National Socialism (from whose vocabulary and ideas he did not distance himself even after 1945), the street named after him is listed in the historian’s report Street Names of Vienna since 1860 as “Political Places of Remembrance” from 2013 in Group B (needs discussion ) assigned.

Ambrosigasse is so far on the outskirts of Vienna, it took me more than an hour to get there. The next bus stop is a 20-minute walk away. It was super cold and windy and I remember talking to a friend on the phone while being there.