Am Heumarkt
1030 Landstraße


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Am Heumarkt, named (probably in 1862) after the Heumarkt, a former sales place where large quantities of hay – mostly from Hungary – were transshipped every week. The place was mentioned as Heugries around 1418, later as Im Gereit and then from around 1830 to 1862 Am Glacis.

July 24th 2023 was even hotter than the day before (35°C), but since I was already in the area (I had a meeting with Sebastian, who was in the middle of programming this website and we were fine tuning the details) I took the chance to photograph "Am Heumarkt". I love the look of the photos and also the motifs I found. Did you spot the dog in the truck? Couldn't help but think about my ex-boyfriend while I was there, his workplace is around the corner and we were at Gmoakeller once for a dinner with his family.