Am Hauptbahnhof
1100 Favoriten


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Am Hauptbahnhof (Favoriten), named after Vienna Central Station in 2013; this was built between 2009 and 2015 and replaces the former south station. The Am Hauptbahnhof square represents the southern forecourt of the station. Before the Südbahnhof was demolished, there were tracks here as well as the former Hintere Südbahn-Straße.

I visited a friend who lives in the area on July 8th 2023 and we took a long stroll through the neighborhood. I had planned to photograph "Am Heidjöchl" that day, but it was super hot and I couldn't muster the energy to bike 14km, so I decided to photograph "Am Hauptbahnhof" instead. There's a dystopian quality to these photos that I quite like.