Am Hans-Moser-Park
1130 Hietzing


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Am Hans-Moser-Park (Hietzing), named after the park of the same name in 1998; this is named after the popular actor Hans Moser (Johann Julier, 1880–1964); He began his career as a cabaret artist and achieved his breakthrough in 1923 with the sketch “The Serviceman”. He subsequently appeared in around 150 films, was a popular interpreter of Viennese songs and, after 1945, was also employed in serious roles at the Burgtheater. Moser lived for decades in the 13th district (“Moser-Villa”, Auhofstraße 76–78 / Hügelgasse). The circulation area is located in front of the main entrance to the municipal district office for the 13th and 14th districts, between Hietzinger Kai and Eduard-Klein-Gasse.

I first visited Am-Hans-Moser-Park on July 7th 2023, but after receiving the developed film it was clear that the Minolta X300s that I used was faulty, only a few frames were exposed. So I went there another time on September 10th 2023 with my Nikon F100, loaded with a different film though. I had a hard time finding energy to take photos and going to Hietzing was the most I was able to muster.