Am Gestade
1010 Innere Stadt


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Am Gestade, indirectly named in 1862 after the original name Gstetten. In Viennese, the term “Gstetten” is associated with a neglected, undeveloped area or with wild deposits of manure (defined in the 1929 dictionary of the Viennese dialect as a desolate place, storage area, sand pit); It therefore no longer seemed up to date and was changed to Gestade. The name Gstetten or Stetten has been used for this area since around 1200. An alley roughly corresponded to today’s traffic area and was named Bei Unser Frau auf der Stetten (1360) after the St. Mary’s Church there; From it branches off to the north to Salzgries An Unser Frauen Stiegen (1378), today called Marienstiege; This was connected to what was then the city wall until 1558 at the Werdertor (1340). The name An der Fischerstiege is also attested between 1473 and 1499. After that the names changed relatively frequently, in 1664 the street was called Gässel near our Frauen Stiegen, in 1795 and 1848 Auf der Gestetten and An der Gstetten.




It was incredibly hot on June 21st 2023 and I wasn’t too keen on going out, but I had to drop off some film at the lab anyway and decided I might go to Am Gestade just as well. Despite the wind and late afternoon time the city was still boiling.