Am Freihof
1220 Donaustadt


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Am Freihof (Kagran), named in 1909 after the Kagraner Freihof, which was first mentioned in 1650. In the Middle Ages, a Freihof was a farm within a community that belonged to a nobleman or clergyman and was exempt from taxes and other civil “burdens” (guard duty, etc.). The street was previously called Freihofstraße.

May 20th 2023, when I visited Am Freihof, was a beautiful, sunny day and my mood was similar to the weather. The street ends at Afritschgasse, which I have visited back in 2019 with my ex-partner. I was contemplating about the everything that had changed in my life since then while photographing the street. And the outcome was mainly positive. Afterwards I stopped by at Alte Donau and treated myself with ice cream, yay!