1090 Alsergrund


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Althanstraße, 1920 named after the general, diplomat and court building director Ludwig Joseph Gundacker von Althan (1665-1747), to whom all building authorities of the hereditary lands were subordinate from 1716. He organized i.a. the construction of the court library and the Vienna Karlskirche, the expansion of the Klosterneuburg monastery and the renovation of Laxenburg Palace. In 1732 he had the Palais Althan built. His father, Christoph Johann Graf Althan, was the landlord of the Althangrund (in the area of today’s Franz-Josefs-Bahnhof) from 1690 and had the Palais Althan-Pouthon built around 1683. The street was called around 1830 between Alserbachstrasse and the curve at Reznicekgasse (Grosse?) Schmidtgasse and then up to Liechtensteinstrasse Spitelaugasse or Spittelauer Gasse; later it was called Althangasse and from 1909 Franz-Josefs-Bahnhof-Straße. The Julius-Tandler-Platz in front of the train station was then called Althanplatz.