Altdorfer Straße
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Altdorferstraße (Inzersdorf-Stadt, settlement “Am Wasserturm”), named in 1936 after the German painter, copperplate engraver and master builder Albrecht Altdorfer (around 1480-1538). He is regarded as the main master of the so-called Danube School and, alongside Albrecht Dürer, as the founder of the Nuremberg Little Masters. Two works in particular are known from his paintings today: the Sebastian altar from St. Florian Monastery near Linz (1509-1518) with its dramatic-mannerist scenes and The Battle of Alexander (1528-1529). In European painting, Altdorfer was the first to make landscape an actual and independent subject. Even in his religious paintings and altarpieces, people were only accessories to the landscape painting. He captured the light in glowing colors and painted landscapes without figures for the first time in German art.

Biographically, it should not be left out that Altdorfer was elected a member of the Outer Council of the City of Regensburg in 1517. Albrecht Altdorfer was part of the delegation of councilors that ordered the expulsion of the Regensburg Jews on February 21, 1519.