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Alszeile, named in 1897 after the row of houses on the Alser Bach, a 10.55 kilometer long river, which today is mostly run as a brook canal. The first documented mention comes from the year 1044. There are various possible derivations for the name Als. The name is often derived from the Celtic alto, which can mean stream or cool stream. According to other interpretations, the name could also come from the Old Church Slavonic word Olsa, which is translated as alder. Before that, the street was partly called Badgasse from 1868.

The Wiener Sport-Club-Platz, the home of the Viennese football club Wiener Sport-Club, is located on the Alszeile. The stadium, built in 1904, is considered the oldest soccer field in Austria that is still used. The northern stand of the stadium is known as the “Friedhofstribune” because it faces the Dornbacher Friedhof. This standing room sector is mainly frequented by the fan clubs of the Wiener Sport-Club.

What is remarkable about this stadium is the unusual British atmosphere of the entire field (spectators are close to the field, stadium location in a residential area), which hardly any other stadium in Austria has.