Alser Straße
1080 Josefstadt, 1090 Alsergrund


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Alser Straße, named in 1862 after the river Als, which in Vienna is commonly called Alsbach or Alserbach. The small river is 10.55 km long, today arched as a brook canal in the city area, and flows into the right main collection canal (formerly the Danube Canal). The first documented mention of the river dates back to 1044; the origin of the name is unknown. The river Als gives its name to the municipality of Alservorstadt, which was independent until 1850, and to today’s 9th district, Alsergrund; Alsgasse and Alszeile in the 17th district of Hernals are also named after the river. The street is mentioned in 1211 as Alsaerstrâzze, 1342 as Alserstrazz in front of Schottentor, 1628 as Alstergasse, 1766 as In der Vordern Alstergassen and later also as Große Gasse and Alsergrund Hauptstraße. Until 1905, the two blocks of houses on Alser Strasse directly adjacent to the Hernalser Gürtel belonged to the 16th district (south side, No. 71) and the 17th district (north side, Nos. 50, 52, 54, 56).

In 1861, the part of Alservorstadt south of Alser Straße was transferred to the Josefstadt district; since then the street has been the district boundary.