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Alexander-Nehr-Gasse, named in 1962 after the art locksmith Alexander Nehr (January 30, 1855– February 29, 1928).

Alexander Nehr was the son of a builder and completed an apprenticeship as a locksmith in Hungary. From 1873 he worked as an assistant with Viennese locksmiths, while building the rotunda and the doors of the Burgtheater. In 1892 he made the so-called “town hall man” statue, based on the model of armor made by Maximilian I, using Russian copper coins as material. The statue represents a medieval knight and crowns the main tower of the Vienna City Hall; it is 3.4 m high (5.4 m with the flag) and weighs 1,800 kg.

He received an award for his work on the entrance gates of the Austrian pavilion at the Paris World Exhibition (1900). He also created the entrance gate of the new building 9, Porzellangasse 20, in the previous building of which he had his own workshop from 1883-1889. He created numerous grilles and banisters (including for the New Castle), provided locksmith work for buildings from the Wilhelminian era, but also made the entrance grilles to Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s family crypt in Artstetten Castle (1914/1915).