Alberner Straße
1110 Simmering


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Alberner Straße (Albern, Kaiserebersdorf), was named on July 23, 1958 after the formerly independent municipality of Albern. In 1162 the place was first mentioned as Albrah. The name is derived from the silver poplar, also known as Albe poplar, which grew in this area. The place was incorporated into what was then the 23rd district of Schwechat in 1938 and became part of Simmering in 1956.At 152 m above sea level, Albern is one of the lowest parts of Vienna. Until the Middle Ages, the rulership included the four places Mirnitz, Porca, Cygeyswierth and Albrah. The inhabitants of the small towns lived mainly from fishing. As a result, two crossed fish on a blue background were used as a motif for the part of the Simmeringer coat of arms intended for Albern. The area was regularly hit by floods and only today’s Albern remained. In the years 1501, 1618 and 1775 the place was completely destroyed and had to be rebuilt. Only the regulation of the Danube in Vienna, completed in 1875, improved the situation considerably. As a result, the population rose from 166 before regulation to 524 in 1900.