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Akazienhof is part of the George Washington-Hof urban residential complex (architects: Karl Alois Krist and Robert Oerley). It was named in 1929 after the robinia trees that were planted in the courtyard. The other parts are called Ahornhof, Birkenhof, Fliederhof and Ulmenhof. 

The building was named “residential complex at the spinner on the cross” during its planning phase. The “Spinner on the Cross” is a Gothic stone sculpture on the Triesterstraße (master builder Michael Knab), which represents the crucifixion of Christ. According to legend, their origin is related to the Crusades.

Otto Gläzer suggested that the individual parts of the building be named after the prevailing vegetation. 

Since 1932, the complex has been named after the founder of the American constitution and first president of the United States, George Washington (1732-1799).