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Aistgasse (Leopoldau), named in 1953 after the river Aist in the Mühlviertel, Upper Austria.

The Aist extends across the eastern Mühlviertel and flows into the Danube near Schwertberg. In the Aistgasse are the municipal buildings Aistgasse 8-30, which were built between 1967 and 1969 according to the designs of the architects Richard Duschel, Wilhelm Foltin, Rudolf Jarosch, Fritz Oberdorfer, Adolf Svancar, Leopold Töpfer, Harald Woisetschläger, among others, were built. The residential complex contains 378 apartments. There are several signposts in the courtyards, which were designed by the artist Hilde Leiter in 1970. The glass mosaics on artificial stone blocks show the way to the playground, the meadow or the senior citizens ‘meeting and draw the residents’ attention to different rules of conduct.