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Afrikanergasse (African Alley) named in 1862, formerly Marokkanergasse (Moroccan Alley).

In 1783, a Moroccan delegation came to Vienna to conclude a peace and trade agreement: The Pasha of Tangier, Muhamed Ben Abdil Melak, was in Vienna from February 20th to May 8th, 1783 and lived in the Kalkreitisches Haus on Wieden (in the later 4th District) next to the Paulanerkirche.

The visit became a talk of the town, which is why a street was named Marokkanergasse in Leopoldstadt near the former Jägerzeile. In the suburb of Landstrasse the same took place. After the suburbs were incorporated in 1850, one of the two alleys had to be renamed. The Marokkanergasse in the 3rd district, the more representative of the two streets, was preserved as such, the one in the 2nd district was renamed Afrikanergasse in 1862.