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Adrienne-Gessner-Gasse (Leopoldau), named in 2014 after the actress Adrienne Gessner (actually Adrienne Geiringer, 1896–1987); she made her debut at the Munich Kammerspiele in 1916 and then worked in theaters in Austria and Germany as well as at the Salzburg Festival.

Together with her Jewish husband, the writer and director Ernst Lothar, she fled from the Nazis to Switzerland in 1938 and to the USA in 1939. There she played, among others alongside Marlon Brando, on Broadway. In 1945 she became an American citizen.

In 1946 Adrienne Gessner – together with Ernst Lothar – returned to Vienna, where she played again at the Theater in der Josefstadt from 1947 to 1956 and since 1950 at the Salzburg Festival in Salzburg (Salzburg). Since 1955 she was a member of the Burgtheater in Vienna. In 1981 she gave her last public performance. From 1931 she played in countless films, from 1958 she also worked on television.


The traffic area was named before it was built.