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Adolf-Loos-Weg was named in 1993 after the architect Adolf Loos.

Loos (December 10, 1870 – August 23, 1933) is considered one of the pioneers of modernism in architecture. He coined the design rule “Form follows function”. He also created the pamphlet “Ornament as a crime” in which he criticized ornamental adornments and artistic attempts to artistically garnish objects of utility.

Undoubtedly, Loos can be described as a groundbreaking architect, but it must not go unmentioned that Adolf Loos was a condemned pedophile.

Loos was charged in 1928 for drawing naked girls of the age of eight to ten in his apartment and sexually abusing them. The trial tried to discredit the girls, who were from a socially disadvantaged background. With the help of assessors (some of whom came from Loos’ circle of friends), Loos was only sentenced of four months’ imprisonment suspended on probation . In his apartment were found over 300 pornographic pictures, including those of five and six-year-olds.

The 373-page criminal file of the trial around Loos was lost until 2015. After its discovery in a Viennese apartment, it was handed over to the Vienna City and State Archives. The file can be downloaded completely on their website.