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Adolf-Czettel-Gasse was named on 20.10.1998 after the President of the Austrian Workers‘ Congress and member of the National Council Adolf Czettel.

Adolf Czettel was born on October 26, 1924 in Vienna, he died on September 27, 1988, also in Vienna.

Until 1959 he worked as a machinist, but was already from 1946 a member of the workers’ council and from 1956 member of the central board of the Union Metal-Mining-Energy.

In 1959 Czettel became Labor Chamber Council, 1965 Deputy Chairman and Chairman of the Vienna Regional Administration of the Metal-Mining-Energy Trade Union, 1969 Vice-President of the Chamber of Labor Vienna and 1976 its President and thus also President of the Austrian Conference of Workers‘ (ÖAKT).

From 1969-1976 was Czettel municipal council and Viennese Member of Parliament, then until 1979 a member of the Federal Council and from 1979-1984 and 1986-1987 member of the National Council and from 1984 president of the Federation of Social Security.

Czettels special concern was the education and training of skilled workers and the creation of educational institutions.

On behalf of the City of Vienna, a commission of historians examined from 2011 to 2013 the historical significance of those personalities named after Viennese streets and made a historical contextualization. Based on the findings gained from the historical classification of Adolf Czettel, the street name was classified as a case with democracy-politically relevant biographical gaps. 

The final report of this research group states that Adolf Czettel was according to his own information Oberscharführer of the Hitler Youth and from 1942 membership candidate of the NSDAP. 

However, research revealed that Czettel‘s name does not appear in any membership card.


The architecturally interesting mcs – office, business and workshop building, designed by pool Architektur and completed in 2002, is located in Adolf-Czettel-Gasse.