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Adolf-Amadeo-Gasse was named after Adolf Amadeo on January 20, 1960.

Adolf Amadeo (born July 23, 1881, died May 30, 1930) was a civil servant and district councilor. He worked at the Railway Accidents Insurance and at Ministry of Social Affairs where he was responsible for the organization of the Vienna hospitals under the City Council Julius Tandler. In 1926 he became director of the Central Savings Bank of the municipality of Vienna. He was a patron of the Floridsdorfer dormitory, founded a Workers’ library and was the founder and chairman of the Floridsdorfer Turnverein.


I went to Adolf-Amadeo-Gasse on August 11th 2015, a super hot summer day. I still remember my excitement about the call I received on my way back for a photojob that was paying well.