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Adele-Worm-Weg (Kagran), 2003 named after Adele Worm, born December 3rd 1923, died February 26th 2000. She was a shorthand typist. From 1957 she was employed in the ÖAAB (Österreichischer Arbeitnehmerinnen- und Arbeitnehmerbund – Austrian Workers’ Union) Bundesleitung Wien, from 1971 managing director of the Leopold Kunschak Prize. Worm has been awarded the Golden Medal of the ÖAAB. Adele Worm was the mother of journalist Alfred Worm.

She was buried on March 9, 2000 at Kagran Cemetery, Group F, Number 107.

A day after going to Adamovichgasse, my ex and I went to the 22nd district to take pictures at Adele-Worm-Weg. Adele's son Alfred was a journalist and taught at the university, too. I once had a lecture with him and can still remember the exam, which happened over telephone as he was so busy.