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Adambergergasse was named in 1894 after the actress Antonie Adamberger (1790-1867). She made her debut at the Burgtheater in 1807 and was immediately engaged as a court actress. She shone above all in naïve roles and became the darling of the Viennese public.

Beethoven composed especially for Antonie Adamberger “Die Lieder des Klärchen” for his music to Goethe’s Egmont, which first premiered on June 15, 1810 in the Burgtheater. Later she expressed herself repeatedly and very positively about her collaboration with the composer. Adamberger was married from 1812-1813 to the theater poet Theodor Körner. Körner devoted her to his death in 1813 several poems and in addition to the drama “Toni” also the play “Zriny”. A few years after his death, Adamberger left the stage in 1817 and married the archeologist Joseph Arneth in the same year. In 1820 she became a reader for the Empress Karoline Auguste and after this in 1832 she was appointed the head of the Karolinenstift, an educational institute for female children of soldiers. Antonie Adamberger died in Vienna in 1867. She rests in a grave of honor at the Vienna Central Cemetery (group 14 A, number 49).


In the years 1942-1945 was a camp for Yugoslav forced laborers of the National Socialist era at Adambergergasse 1.


Adambergergasse was photographed twice (on August 15th 2017 and February 21st 2019). I didn't realize that I had actually visited before as the building site that covered a huge area of the street by the time of the first visit was gone by the second time, and that changed the look of the street.