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Ada-Christen-Gasse, was named after Ada Christen on 3 September 1968. Ada Christen, actually Christiane von Breden, née Frederik; pseudonyms Ada Christen (formed from Adalmar and Christiane) and Satanella , born on 6 March 1839 (according to other sources: 1844), died on May 19, 1901.

Christensen was a writer and one of the most remarkable women of the 19th century.

After acting at the Meidlinger Theater (1855-1858) and in a traveling troupe and a stay in Hungary, Breden devoted herself to writing and became a successful poet. She was the center of a group of poets and writers, among others Ludwig Anzengruber, Friedrich Hebbel, Ferdinand von Saar (who promoted the publication of her first collection of poetry in 1868), Theodor Storm and Ludwig Ganghofer, but also the painters Friedrich Amerling and Ernst Juch (their meeting point was in apartment 4, Rainergasse 22).

She wrote poetry (collections “Lieder eines Verlorenen”, “Aus der Asche”, “Schatten” and “Aus der Tiefe” of high artistic value), as well as narratives, short stories and novels. Some of her works are socially critical; others influenced early naturalism, but shocked the social and sophisticaed readership (“Ella,” “Vom Wege,” “Aus dem Leben,” “Unsere Nachbarn,” “Als sie starb”,”Jungfer Mutter”). She also wrote contributions full of real local flavor for Viennese newspapers.

From 1891 she lived alone in her own gardening.

There are several large council housing projects, including “Per-Albin-Hansson Siedlung” (1970-1974) and “Olof Palme Hof” (1972-1976) at the Ada-Christen-Gasse.

The district museum of Favoriten (the 10th district of Vienna) is also located at Ada-Christen-Gasse.


These pictures were taken on November 1st 2019 and the autumn light was just gorgeous on that day.