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Ada-Lovelace-Straße (Seestadt Aspern), was named in 2012 after the British mathematician Ada Lovelace (1815-1852). Her written comments on Charles Babbage’s analytical calculator Analytical Engine contained the first algorithm. That is why many consider her the first programmer in the world.

 Nowadays women in IT are still heavily underrepresented, but great initiatives like The New IT Girls or Women and Code do their best to change that.

Ada-Lovelace-Straße is located in Seestadt Aspern, one of the largest city development projects in Europe of the 2010s. Seestadt Aspern is located on the grounds where Flugfeld Aspern, Vienna’s airfield of the interwar times, is located. The development started in 2009 and is planned in three phases until 2028.

 Since women are massively underrepresented in the naming of Viennese streets, the city of Vienna @stadtwien has started in the 21st century to primarily name new streets after women, a trend that is especially visible in Seestadt Aspern.



Photographed on August 13th 2017.