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Abraham-A-Sancta-Clara-Gasse was named in 1903 after the cleric, preacher and author Abraham a Sancta Clara (actual Johann Ulrich Megerle, 1644-1709). He is regarded as one of the most important german catholic priests and poets of the baroque, with an immense power of language and linguistic creativity. He had written over 600 works. He worked in Vienna from 1669-1672, primarily preaching in churches and cloisters. 1680 he published „Merck‘s Wienn!“ an account of Vienna during the time of the plague.

The historian commission that investigated the Viennese street names, concluded that this street name is a case with democracy-politically relevant biographical gaps. According to the final report of the study Abraham a Sancta Clara was in his sermons and throughout his life commited to Antisemitism carried on common prejudices. (for example in his sermons „Judas der Erz-Schelm“ or Huy! Und Pfuy! Die Welt“).


All I can remember from this day (September 1st 2016) is that I had a strong urge to take photos. The light was beautiful.